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Our Aim

We offer continuous vocational training and other relevant services.

Training & Education

Provision of training and education programs.

Supporting Services

Provision of related supportive services.

Research & Studies

Undertaking of research and studies on issues related to lifelong learning, the labor market and vulnerable social groups.

Events & Conferences

Organizing of events and conferences related to lifelong learning, the labor market and vulnerable social groups.

Integrated Programs

Participation in integrated programs, EU initiatives, actions for the promotion and support of employment etc.

Specialized aims of the center

  • Linking vocational training to occupation.
  • Upgrading of vocational training through the utilization of the potential offered by the Information Society.
  • Rational and qualitative utilization of national, European and private funds available for human resources.
  • Promotion of lifelong education and training and investing on the human factor, as an important agent of economic development.
  • Enhancing of the effectiveness of vocational training, as a means for the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises and organizations.

Human Resources

Lifelong Learning Center KIVOS P.C. is staffed by exceptionally trained scientific and administrative personnel, which possesses all the necessary knowledge and skills for the provision of high added value services.

Additionally, the center maintains an extensive network of adult education trainers, specialists and other collaborators, in order to be able to meet the ever changing needs and demands in a direct, responsible, qualitative and effective manner.

Our human resources are distributed in the following departments:

  • Management
  • Unemployed individuals department
  • Employed individuals department
  • Consulting support department
  • Local Initiatives department
  • Business support department
  • European Programs department
  • Development department
  • Secretariat
  • Accounting department

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