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Lifelong Learning Center KIVOS P.C. is a private center established in Greece in the field of Vocational Training and offers its services, by investing in the development of the human resources of regional Greece. Based in Larissa, but also through collaborations that it has developed with other Vocational Training Centers, it is in the position to offer high quality educational services all over Greece.

The services provided by our center address enterprises, organizations, unemployed individuals but also people threatened by unemployment. More specifically:

Our Center

Organizing, Implementation and Evaluation of Vocational Training Programs for employees and self-employed individuals.

  • Program for the Continuous Vocational Training of Employees of Private Companies and Organizations (Manpower Employment Organization)
  • Program for the Continuous Vocational Training of Employees at Public Sector Enterprises and Organizations (Ministry of Labour).
  • Program for the Vocational Training of Employees at Small Enterprises.
  • Program for the Vocational Training of Employees.
  • Vocational  training programs for employees on specialized skills.
  • Vocational training programs for employees on basic I.T. skills.
  • Structural Adaptation of Small Enterprises (20-49 employees) during the financial crisis.
  • Structural Adaptation of Employees of Small Enterprises (1-49 employees) during the financial crisis.
  • Integrated intervention plan for the support of enterprises and their employees, through consulting, training and provision of incentives for the enhancing of access and participation in the labour market.
  • Training and certification programs on the use of P/Cs.
  • Training programs and certification of specialized professional knowledge and skills.

Organizing and Implementation of structural programs focusing on vocational training for the unemployed, individuals threatened by unemployment and special categories at the risk of being excluded from the labour market, within the framework of interventions by the Operational Programs (O.P.) of the European Commission:

  • O.P. for the Development of Human Resources
  • O.P. for Continuous Training and Promotion to Employment
  • O.P. for the Combating of Exclusion for the Labour Market
  • O.P. Competitiveness

Promotion to Employment

Provision of Mediation Services to enterprises and organizations for the finding of job placements or assistance for the finding of resources and tools for the promotion of self-employment or the undertaking of entrepreneurial action to the individuals participating in the vocational training programs for the unemployed.

Consultancy for the Development & Utilization of Human Resources

  • Organizing of Research and Studies in the field of vocational training needs
  • Organizing of Research and Studies in the development, administration and evaluation of human resources.
  • Open Distance Learning and Training
  • Finding of Transnational Collaborations
  • Participation in European Commission Programs and Initiatives

Finding Human Resources 

Provision of free mediation services to the individuals that have completed vocational training courses for the coverage of offered job placements.

Career Guidance

Provision of Personal or Group Consultancy on issues related to the organizing of one’s professional career and Professional Orientation to the participants in vocational training courses.

In order to ensure the effectiveness and constant improvement of its operation for the achieving of its goals and aims, Lifelong Learning Center KIVOS P.C. applies a certified quality assurance systems in the fields: Training, Distance Vocational Training and Education.

Within the framework the above system, the administration of the center has undertaken the following commitment:

  • To provide high quality vocational education and training services.
  • To develop flexible and innovative educational products and services, integrating and utilizing the applications of new technologies.
  • To set, substantiate and evaluate objective aims and targets with respect to quality.
  • To ensure the application of the Quality Management System by all its personnel, so that there is constant improvement of its effectiveness.
  • To develop and maintain an excellent infrastructure and high quality personnel.